Thursday, November 8, 2012

Shopaholic Bastrad #004: Andrea Pompilio Chimpanzee Print T-Shirt

I love how they style the whole collection is was so desirable.

If you are following me on twitter or Instagram you'll probably know that I can't stop raving about Andrea Pompilio. Even Tim Blanks of and 'The Sartorialist' gave Andrea Pompilio such good review and describe him as "one to watch on menswear scene". But before of all this, he first hone his talent with big fashion houses like Calvin Klein, Prada and YSL. No wonder why his collections is one of the coveted pieces of this season.

This is the exact photo MyMANyBag posted on his Instagram.

But in the bright I got this Andrea Pompilio Chimpanzee Print Tee.
I've first discovered Andrea Pompilio from MyMANyBags' Instagram post of chimpanzee print canvass tote bag *w/c is very in-trend for this season*. I have searched high and low for this tote bag but NADA I can't find it. So I decided to put this bag on my wishlist together with another Andrea Pompilio Chimpanzee print tee *also available at* and few more thingsI like to have. About a week ago, I paid I.T at Hysan Ave. Hong Kong a visit for windoharmless w shopping. As I was pulling out clothes on the rack I saw an Andrea Pompilio Chimpanzee T-shirt! And my luck hasn't stop from there I also found out that its the only piece left, its in my size and its on 50% off discount for that day only!! *BAM* It was like meant to be. I didn't hesitate to march my way to cashier and went home as a happy shopper.

That's one item crossed out on my shopping wishlist. I wonder what is next on my shopping wishlist that I'll be crossing out soon... I can't wait!!!

Images:, Andrea Pompilio Ad Campaign

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Unlock Me!

Unlock this and get the chance to win a look from #MargielwithHM collection.

Good luck!


This past few months, I found myself shopping or DIY-ing on anything with stars. As in anything stars like studs, saw-in, print and patches. It's not like, I am obsess with star but because of I am so inspired of how Riccardo Tisci uses star on his recent work for GIVENCHY.

Perhaps this also the reason why I got so excited to see this awesome HUGE patch of star on the chest from SELF at ASOS's Last Chance Sale.

Images: ASOS

DIY #002: Cropped Sweatshirt with emblishment

GIVENCHY for Lane Crawford Vest Shirt and DIY H&M Shirt with Black Star Patches on collar.

GIVENCHY Cropped Sweatshirt

Last month, I have blogged about my latest DIY Inspiration and today I am finally ready to show you guys my version of the GIVENCHY Cropped Sweatshirt. I decided to do this DIY project because of I don't want to wear my GIVENCHY for Lane Crawford FNO vest shirt sleeveless but still I want to showcase it's awesome print. Before we start, I'd like to thanks my thank Mom for helping me out on this project.

You'll need:
  • Sweatshirt
  • Embellishment (mine are STAR PATCH and STAR STUD)
  • Scissor
  • Curve Ruler *optional*
  • Pin, Needle and Thread
  • Sewing Machine *optional*
  • Seamstress' Chalk

  1. Lay flat the sweatshirt on its side as possible making it side seams on the top of your work table.
  2. Start cutting the front and then back of the sweatshirt depending how low or high your desire cropped design REMEMBER to give enough space for the seam allowance and error.
  3. Fold and pin the edge of you sweatshirt this will served as your hem.
  4. Using the appropriate sewing machine start stitching the hem of you sweatshirt. In my case, I brought my sweatshirt to a professional seamstress. *Yes! I cheated a little LOL*
  5. Lay flat your desired embellishment on your now cropped sweatshirt and secure each.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shopaholic Bastard #003: ZARA Camouflage Print Leather Belt

I don't even remember when this camouflage obsession started but you know what I LOVE IT!!! *LOL*
Went out today for a long stroll at the mall today and look what I have found at ZARA a Camouflage leather belt.I got so excited when I saw the belt and I knew I gotta have it for my camouflage collection! I have a small collection of camouflage item in my wardrobe and as of now I only got a shirt, pant, t-shirt, tote bag, iphone case, Vans shoes and necktie.  And today I am so happy to add this belt in my camouflage collection.Yey me!!!

Images: Jade

Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY Inspiration #002: GIVENCHY Cropped Sweatshirt

Photo by: Marcelo Burlon via Instagram
If you are following me on twitter or instagram you would probably know about my latest DIY inspiration. Ultimately, the source of this inspiration came from Andrew Mukamal's youtube channel, where he show how to DIY the GIVENCHY's cropped sweatshirt. Soon, I'll be posting my own version of this sweatshirt. I'm so excited to get this DIY started.

Images: Instagram
Video: Youtube

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Get an extra 10% OFF by using PROMO CODE: MEGA10
ASOS has kicked off their #ASOSMidSeasonSALE with an extra 10% off on their already discounted items. I always have great experience shopping with ASOS, so great that is almost addicting. Tell me who can resist their high quality but budget wise selection *great for student and fashionista alike* and top it all that they offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, awesome right?

And here is my first pick, the River Island Blue Stripe Shirt was retail for HKD 410.40 now HKD 164.16 but upon check out and after using the promo code MEGA10 I will get an extra 10% off on its discounted price. This shirt just remind of the Dolce & Gabbana SS2013 menswear collection without its hefty price tag. I know this only the first of many of my favorite picks for #ASOSMidSeasonSALE. So, go ahead and check it out #ASOSMidSeasonSALE while the extra 10% off promo code is still on effect.

Happy Shopping <3

Images: ASOS,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DIY #001: Rhinestone studded portfolio clutch bag

"I love DIY because its such a sustainable and personal approach to fashion. Plus, your project is truly, a one-off that can't be found anywhere else!" - Shini Park on DIY for H&M Magazine Summer 2012
A look for less with a very personal approach <3

Who fashion conscious *fashionista* doesn't want to own a fashion pieces like the PRADA SS2012 Rhinestones studded portfolio clutch bag like I do? But let face it, not everyone *including ME* can afford to pay USD1,950.00 for a clutch bag. So instead of mopping around and feeling sad I decided to get creative and busy. And in situation like this DIY-ing comes "handy" *no pun intended* plus by doing DIY, I'm able to "re-interpret" things like this without breaking or robbing a bank while adding my very own personality on each project.

So here you guys. I hope you LIKE my very first DIY blog post  :-D

You'll need:
On this DIY project, I am using a ZARA Leather portfolio clutch bag.

  • Clasp portfolio clutch bag (it could be new, old or vintage)
  • Hammer
  • Leather Stitching Awl
  • Belt hole puncher
  • Rhinestones
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissor *optional*

Step 1: Remove the lining of the portfolio clutch bag *if any*.
Step 2: Measure and mark the placement of the rhinestones.
Step 3: After marking the placement of the rhinestone start making holes on the portfolio clutch bag.
You can use a "belt hole puncher" to punch a holes around the edge of the portfolio bag.
Then use the "leather stitching awl" to punch holes on places "belt hole puncher" can't reach.
Step 4: Place the rhinestones.
Try to be creative on creating your own unique pattern and color combination <3
After that place the "base cap" on the feet of each rhinestone studs.
Step 5: Hammer each "base cap" to keep the rhinestone in place.
Try not to hammer the rhinestone too hard so it won't break or shatter.
Then... TADA!!! You have your very own creation RHINESTONE STUDDED PORTFOLIO CLUTCH BAG.

I dare you to be creative and make your very own DIY project. 

Images: Jade Shop-a-lot 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY Inspiration #001: PRADA Rhinestone SS2012 studded portfolio Bag

PRADA Spring Summer 2012 Rhinestone studded Portfolio Clutch
From the day, I saw this AMAZEBALL "bedazzled" portfolio clutch bag from PRADA Menswear Spring Summer 2012 live streaming fashion show at PRADA's official website, I know it was a love at the first sight and I know want it so badly. But reality bites and it bite really hard like US$1,950.00 hard and then it  was clear that I can't afford this beauty *boohoo*. So the US$1,950.00 question is, what is best next thing I can do? Of course, it's time for me to get creative and busy DIY-ing!

Will post my actual DIY-ing of this portfolio clutch soon. So stay tune <3

Images: Lee Oliveira

Friday, July 27, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela with H&M

Ok... I know this blog post is kinda late, its been over a month since H&M announces their newest collaboration project with Parisian fashion house Maison Martin Margiela.

Are you excited about this collaboration? Coz I know I am!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I know my rottweiler "Tiny" is far different from the dog print depicted on this clutch but this remind me of her
and I MISS HER SO MUCH. *she died a couple months ago because of Cancer*
You probably knew by now, that I am totally and absolutely obsessed with Riccardo Tisci's the creative director of GIVENVHY. And who wouldn't be? Just look on his work for GIVENCHY is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and the same time its has that "spunk" or "edgy" look on each his creations. I just absolutely I adore his work. It's a work of art.

For GIVENCHY 2012 Fall collection, I am super drooling on this GIVENCHY LARGE ROTTWEILER PRINT PVC CLUTCH <3 Riccardo Tisci once again adopted one of his another famous and sought after print the "ROTTWEILER" *from hell LOL*. My only concern for this clutch is its made of PVC. I am huge leather bag person and canvass is my second choice. I tend to stay away from PVC because it don't usually aged well but in the same time it is very LOW MAINTENANCE material, practically water proof and given the fact it was made by GIVENCHY and retail for about EUR 214.92 I only expect high premium quality for this clutch.

Measured 23cm x 34.5cm hence the word  LARGE duh *hahaha* and it's now ready for pre-order at LUISA VIA ROMA and be expected to be shipped not longer than September 30. I want to think about it first since I'm still lusting for the Pierre Hardy Cube Print Pouch at Lane Crawford that is now on 49% SALE.

Think. Think. Think.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


When I was younger, Christmas is my most favorite season but now that I am "less" younger *in denial alert LOL* my most favorite season is SALE SEASON!!!

SALE SEASON is like X'mas for but MUCH BETTER and it comes twice a year. And unlike X'mas of me ending up with useless and unwanted gifts, SALE  SEASON gives me the opportunity to get myself something I love and I really want. *LOL I am such a ungrateful bastard* Speaking of SALE SEASON... ASOS is having an epic #ASOSsale with up to crazy 70% off on their selected item and for limited time only. And let's not forget that ASOS  is have a FREE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY without minimum purchase required.

So without further delay, I give to you my TOP 5 #ASOSsale Picks:

(1) Zatchels Leather Barrel Bag: HKD 414.29 - you've probably guessed my first pick would be a BAG. Made of 100% leather, small but very practical. I can fit in my Ray-Ban, small wallet and mobile *my essential*. Got this!

(2) Mango Gemma Belt: was HKD 460.32 now HKD 243.31- very biker chic. Do I need to say more? I absolutely love its black metal color. Futuristic bad ass unique metal belt is always must-have on my list. Got this!

(3) Ringspun T-Shirt Bombshell Pin-Up Girl: was HKD 394.56 now HKD 144.67 -GIVENCHY-ish don't you agree? Let's face it not everyone can afford GIVENCHY Pin-Up T-Shirt and this Ringspun T-Shirt is a can be a very good alternative for that. "A LOOK FOR LESS" without robbing a bank.

(4) ASOS Sweatshirt with Aztec Panel Shoulder: was HKD 328.80 now HKD 157.82 - Aztec print is one of the most powerful print of 2012 and I do believe we can see more it in couple season more.

(5) ASOS Monk Strap Cut-out Shoes: was HKD 723.36 now HKD 355.10 - my shopping experience wouldn't be complete without SHOES. Got this!

Images: ASOS

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Materialistic Bastard #03: Givenchy Bird of Paradise

After I've got my Givenchy Censored Pin-Up Scarves, my craving for more Givenchy shifted into over drive. I want more GIVENCHY! And for this time I am craving for another highly coveted Givenchy SS2012 collection print the BIRD OF PARADISE.

I am drooling for the Givenchy's Bird of Paradise prints ever since they have launch it from their Spring Summer 2012 collection. To be specific, I am talking about the Givenchy Bird of Paradise Cotton Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt which is available at MRPORTER with a whopping price tag of GBP 358.33. I know I want it but I am not out of my mind to slave myself on saving up just for a T-Shirt. With a price tag like that its clear I can't afford it. *Boohoo*

Luckily for us mere mortal, LUISA VIA ROMA released an exclusive Givenchy Bird of Paradise Printed Cotton Bandana without the hefty price tag! It comes in two different color *ivory/black and green* measured 70cm by 70cm and made of 100% Cotton which also explain the EUR 65.61 price tag. Its a bargain if you ask me. But, if you feel like spending little bit more than that then maybe the Givenchy Bird of Paradise Silk Crepe Scarf is the one for you. Slightly bigger than the cotton bandana 90cm by 90cm to be precised and made of 100% silk. All scarfs are available for pre-order at LUISA VIA ROMA and will be shipped not later than August 31. So what scarf are you, the fancy one or the low key one *wink wink*

Happy Wednesday!!!

Images: MrPorter, LUISA VIA ROMA, 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

BAGaholic Bastard #3: Werdie Boy Embossed Leather Pouch

I think it is innate for guys to carry stuff as light or minimal as possible. Heck, I even know few friends of mine that go out with just the clothes on their back, cellphones and for some wallets is even optional .*LOL*  And nowadays more and more men are spotted with their portfolio folders, clutches or pouches. Portfolio folders and pouches today is not just confined inside the boardroom, offices and for its functionality many wears them as fashion accent or accessories. And I am a proud member of this trend for I own three clutches myself.

And now I'd like you guys to meet the newest addition to my growing clutch collection Marc by Marc Jacobs Werdie Boy Embossed Leather Pouch. I got this a couple weeks ago already, but before I got this I was comparing this with Pierre Hardy Large Cube-Print Pouch. Both pouches are equally drool worthy but the winning factor of Marc by Marc Jacobs Werdie Boy Embossed Leather Pouch is its 100% leather material which will aged beautifully over time compare to Pierre Hardy Large Cube-Print Pouch coated canvas.

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Lane Crawford
Style Sighting

Friday, June 1, 2012

Shopaholic Bastard #2: GIVENCHY Censored Pin-Up Scarves

My newest shopping acquisition Givenchy's SS2012 Censored Pin-Up Scarves.

Ever since I saw the Givenchy's SS2012 collection I was obsessing and drooling over the Censored Pin-Up print. I know want it, but because of its "not so friendly price tag" I just can't commit on getting one. Boohoo :-(

Then last week, after reading Bagaholiboy's blog about Givenchy's Pin-Up Scarf and how affordable it is EUR64.28 compared to its prior successors, I know it will going to be a struggle for me to resist. It took me a day to give  in *see I struggle LOL* and I am so happy to get mine before the stock run out at LUISAVIAROMA. It's simply too good to pass up and throw away my chance to own such awesome bargain. It is made of 100% cotton and measures 70cm by 70cm with print of Censored Pin-Up in the middle surrounded by birds, iris blooms, studs. It is more than a scarves for me, it is an ARTWORK.

It is more than a scarves, it is an ARTWORK.
Unboxing :)

Happy Weekend!!!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shopaholic Bastard #1: ASOS Belts

Aside of it being unconventional, I love the "sailor-ish" vibe.
Belts are one of the most often neglected piece of accessories by guys. Beside serving its functional purpose of holding your trouser in place and preventing you from exposing yourselves *falling trousers LOL* belts also helps to injects fun in your over all look. And no, not all belts are created equally, thus it don't work the same way and it doesn't fit all looks. So, forget those black formal belts *those are for formal occasion only* and try to inject fun and personality in your wardrobe by using belts.

This summer, I am feeling all sailing navy vibe and I am so lucky to have these very unique, unconventional and "sailor-ish" vibes  belts from  ASOS . So without further ado... here's the four  ASOS  Belts that I have acquired this summer:

Most of these belts are already sold out, so you better hurry and act now.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Shoeholic Bastard #2: ZARA Driver with Bow

Do you know the feeling when you at the mall and you are trying things like accessories, clothes or pair shoes and you have that "OMG" moment. Like everything doesn't matter and your mind is screaming "YOU GOTTA HAVE IT!!!" and that is exactly what I felt when I tried on these babies.

I am starting question my being certified "BAGAHOLIC", because of the last five months I bought more shoes than bags. Maybe I am a SHOES addict without me knowing it.

Without any further ado here's the shoes that make me question my "identity" *LOL*the ZARA Driver with Bow! Oh... I don't know where to start maybe to its electric blue suede or its elegant look or its ohhh soooo comfortable padded sole! What not to love about it?! For HKD699.00 a pair its a "no brainer" I gotta have it! :-D

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Materialistic Bastard #2: McQ Gold Razor Bracelet

If this McQ Gold Razor Bracelet doesn't make you look "bad ass" I give up. I just adore its wide razor shape gold hardware combine with black leather and metal buckle it so dangerous looking. If I'm not mistaken this awesome bracelet first came out last summer 2011 and ever since it become a staple for the brand. I always want to buy this over YOOX but I am afraid it might too small for me and I don't want to waste my time on buying it and returning it the same time. So I have an serious thinking before buying this bad-ass bracelet. What do you think should I take the risk it?


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Materialistic Bastard #1: ASOS Retro Suede Two Tone Shoes

I am feeling a little bit old soul this week and this is because I am so inspired by the wardrobe of the movie "Pleasantville". You know the one with Tobey Macguire and Reese Witherspoon where they find themselves in a 1950's sitcom and they are all wearing 50's eras clothes. It is one of my favorite feel good movie.

As we know it fashion is very fast phase industry, one season one style or color is so "HOT" and then next season its "NOT". But no matter how fast phase fashion is, it always find itself repeating few styles from different centuries. Example of that is PRADA S/S2012 with their RETRO chic pastel color theme.

While I can't afford a PRADA for now this ASOS Retro Suede Two Tone Shoes just hit the right spot to satisfy my cravings for RETRO in a budget friendly price. Its black and white contrast gives it that classy RETRO feel that I can definitely see myself wearing paired with my color chinos. A thumb's up indeed!

SAVED in my wish list :-P


Monday, May 14, 2012

BAGaholic Bastard #1: Zatchels Leather Satchel with Reptile Print

Last weekend ASOS did an EXTRA 15% off promotion by using SALE15 promo code.
Last Thursday (May 10. 2012), I have received an email from ASOS about their WEEKEND EXTRA 15% OFF of their already marked down item in ASOS OUTLET by using promo code SALE15 and I am a huge gaga-loko for SALE and even more huge gaga-loko for EXTRA SALE. *LOL* And to add to that hype ASOS also offer FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE! Yes, you heard it right FREE shipping anywhere in the world. Isn't that wonderful?!

100% Real Leather in Croc embossed details and silver nickel buckle hardware. This is also my second Zatchels Satchel
And the EXTRA SALE is all what I'm waiting for to buy this Zatchels Leather Satchel with Reptile Print in ASOS *which is in my SAVE BAG for forever*. It is made of 100% leather no lining with top handle, ever useful leather adjustable and removable shoulder strap and twin pin buckle closure. This is my second Zatchels satchel purchase and I absolutely LOVE my first satchel that's why I bought this one. Its leather is hard and stiff  and the buckle closure is a bit difficult to use at first. But after using the bag for several times the leather and buckle pin closure becomes softer and easier to use *I just leave one buckle open* and it aged beautifully with proper care.

And now all I have to do is to wait 10 to 15 days for the mailman to deliver the newest addition for my bag collection :-P

Happy Monday everyone!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Shoeholic Bastard #1: ZARA Jute Moccasin with Tassel

Leather tassel in perforated espadrilles for a laid back sophisticated look.  

Almost a month ago, I post a photo on Instagram of four ZARA shoes in my Wish List and one of  those shoes is this ZARA Jute Moccasin with Tassel. It is more of a espadrilles *which I am a BIG FAN* than moccasin for me because of its distinctively jute sole and its very laid back style. But what keep this espadrilles different from other espadrilles you might ask, its added leather tassel and perforated details gives it a classy sophisticated touch which make it a drool worthy for me. :-P

My ZARA Man S/S2012 Shoes Wish List. 

My initial plan is to wait for a SALE to come before committing on buying anything on my wish list but my waiting skill really really sucks so I ended up of taking home this awesome ZARA Jute Moccasin with Tassel and crossing one item off my ZARA shoes Wish List. Yahoo!

One down! three more to go


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jade Shop-a-Lot

Few of my favorite things *a.k.a. brands* LOL :-D

Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog "Jade Shop-a-Lot" :-D

As the title of blog say my name is Jade  *HELLO* and I shop a lot *yikes*

Well not really as in like "shop" "shop" its more like "shop" "window shopping" *LOL*. I am just your typical fashion wannabe guy with way too many shopping "Wish List". I am not a fashion expert or fashionista or even a writer and I don't have luxurious branded item in my closets *I only wish for those things. LOL* like most fashion blogger out there, all I can promise to you guys is my honest opinion of things I like. This blog will served as my catalog of many "Shopping Conquest", "Shopping Wish List" and so much more.

And please don't be a stranger, I want to know your opinion too just leave me a comment or suggestion anytime.

I'll be posting my very first "Jade's Shoes" anytime soon. Till next time guys. Happy Sunday everyone. <3

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