Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shopaholic Bastard #003: ZARA Camouflage Print Leather Belt

I don't even remember when this camouflage obsession started but you know what I LOVE IT!!! *LOL*
Went out today for a long stroll at the mall today and look what I have found at ZARA a Camouflage leather belt.I got so excited when I saw the belt and I knew I gotta have it for my camouflage collection! I have a small collection of camouflage item in my wardrobe and as of now I only got a shirt, pant, t-shirt, tote bag, iphone case, Vans shoes and necktie.  And today I am so happy to add this belt in my camouflage collection.Yey me!!!

Images: Jade

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