Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shopaholic Bastard #1: ASOS Belts

Aside of it being unconventional, I love the "sailor-ish" vibe.
Belts are one of the most often neglected piece of accessories by guys. Beside serving its functional purpose of holding your trouser in place and preventing you from exposing yourselves *falling trousers LOL* belts also helps to injects fun in your over all look. And no, not all belts are created equally, thus it don't work the same way and it doesn't fit all looks. So, forget those black formal belts *those are for formal occasion only* and try to inject fun and personality in your wardrobe by using belts.

This summer, I am feeling all sailing navy vibe and I am so lucky to have these very unique, unconventional and "sailor-ish" vibes  belts from  ASOS . So without further ado... here's the four  ASOS  Belts that I have acquired this summer:

Most of these belts are already sold out, so you better hurry and act now.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Shoeholic Bastard #2: ZARA Driver with Bow

Do you know the feeling when you at the mall and you are trying things like accessories, clothes or pair shoes and you have that "OMG" moment. Like everything doesn't matter and your mind is screaming "YOU GOTTA HAVE IT!!!" and that is exactly what I felt when I tried on these babies.

I am starting question my being certified "BAGAHOLIC", because of the last five months I bought more shoes than bags. Maybe I am a SHOES addict without me knowing it.

Without any further ado here's the shoes that make me question my "identity" *LOL*the ZARA Driver with Bow! Oh... I don't know where to start maybe to its electric blue suede or its elegant look or its ohhh soooo comfortable padded sole! What not to love about it?! For HKD699.00 a pair its a "no brainer" I gotta have it! :-D

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Materialistic Bastard #2: McQ Gold Razor Bracelet

If this McQ Gold Razor Bracelet doesn't make you look "bad ass" I give up. I just adore its wide razor shape gold hardware combine with black leather and metal buckle it so dangerous looking. If I'm not mistaken this awesome bracelet first came out last summer 2011 and ever since it become a staple for the brand. I always want to buy this over YOOX but I am afraid it might too small for me and I don't want to waste my time on buying it and returning it the same time. So I have an serious thinking before buying this bad-ass bracelet. What do you think should I take the risk it?


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Materialistic Bastard #1: ASOS Retro Suede Two Tone Shoes

I am feeling a little bit old soul this week and this is because I am so inspired by the wardrobe of the movie "Pleasantville". You know the one with Tobey Macguire and Reese Witherspoon where they find themselves in a 1950's sitcom and they are all wearing 50's eras clothes. It is one of my favorite feel good movie.

As we know it fashion is very fast phase industry, one season one style or color is so "HOT" and then next season its "NOT". But no matter how fast phase fashion is, it always find itself repeating few styles from different centuries. Example of that is PRADA S/S2012 with their RETRO chic pastel color theme.

While I can't afford a PRADA for now this ASOS Retro Suede Two Tone Shoes just hit the right spot to satisfy my cravings for RETRO in a budget friendly price. Its black and white contrast gives it that classy RETRO feel that I can definitely see myself wearing paired with my color chinos. A thumb's up indeed!

SAVED in my wish list :-P


Monday, May 14, 2012

BAGaholic Bastard #1: Zatchels Leather Satchel with Reptile Print

Last weekend ASOS did an EXTRA 15% off promotion by using SALE15 promo code.
Last Thursday (May 10. 2012), I have received an email from ASOS about their WEEKEND EXTRA 15% OFF of their already marked down item in ASOS OUTLET by using promo code SALE15 and I am a huge gaga-loko for SALE and even more huge gaga-loko for EXTRA SALE. *LOL* And to add to that hype ASOS also offer FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE! Yes, you heard it right FREE shipping anywhere in the world. Isn't that wonderful?!

100% Real Leather in Croc embossed details and silver nickel buckle hardware. This is also my second Zatchels Satchel
And the EXTRA SALE is all what I'm waiting for to buy this Zatchels Leather Satchel with Reptile Print in ASOS *which is in my SAVE BAG for forever*. It is made of 100% leather no lining with top handle, ever useful leather adjustable and removable shoulder strap and twin pin buckle closure. This is my second Zatchels satchel purchase and I absolutely LOVE my first satchel that's why I bought this one. Its leather is hard and stiff  and the buckle closure is a bit difficult to use at first. But after using the bag for several times the leather and buckle pin closure becomes softer and easier to use *I just leave one buckle open* and it aged beautifully with proper care.

And now all I have to do is to wait 10 to 15 days for the mailman to deliver the newest addition for my bag collection :-P

Happy Monday everyone!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Shoeholic Bastard #1: ZARA Jute Moccasin with Tassel

Leather tassel in perforated espadrilles for a laid back sophisticated look.  

Almost a month ago, I post a photo on Instagram of four ZARA shoes in my Wish List and one of  those shoes is this ZARA Jute Moccasin with Tassel. It is more of a espadrilles *which I am a BIG FAN* than moccasin for me because of its distinctively jute sole and its very laid back style. But what keep this espadrilles different from other espadrilles you might ask, its added leather tassel and perforated details gives it a classy sophisticated touch which make it a drool worthy for me. :-P

My ZARA Man S/S2012 Shoes Wish List. 

My initial plan is to wait for a SALE to come before committing on buying anything on my wish list but my waiting skill really really sucks so I ended up of taking home this awesome ZARA Jute Moccasin with Tassel and crossing one item off my ZARA shoes Wish List. Yahoo!

One down! three more to go


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jade Shop-a-Lot

Few of my favorite things *a.k.a. brands* LOL :-D

Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog "Jade Shop-a-Lot" :-D

As the title of blog say my name is Jade  *HELLO* and I shop a lot *yikes*

Well not really as in like "shop" "shop" its more like "shop" "window shopping" *LOL*. I am just your typical fashion wannabe guy with way too many shopping "Wish List". I am not a fashion expert or fashionista or even a writer and I don't have luxurious branded item in my closets *I only wish for those things. LOL* like most fashion blogger out there, all I can promise to you guys is my honest opinion of things I like. This blog will served as my catalog of many "Shopping Conquest", "Shopping Wish List" and so much more.

And please don't be a stranger, I want to know your opinion too just leave me a comment or suggestion anytime.

I'll be posting my very first "Jade's Shoes" anytime soon. Till next time guys. Happy Sunday everyone. <3

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