Monday, May 28, 2012

Shoeholic Bastard #2: ZARA Driver with Bow

Do you know the feeling when you at the mall and you are trying things like accessories, clothes or pair shoes and you have that "OMG" moment. Like everything doesn't matter and your mind is screaming "YOU GOTTA HAVE IT!!!" and that is exactly what I felt when I tried on these babies.

I am starting question my being certified "BAGAHOLIC", because of the last five months I bought more shoes than bags. Maybe I am a SHOES addict without me knowing it.

Without any further ado here's the shoes that make me question my "identity" *LOL*the ZARA Driver with Bow! Oh... I don't know where to start maybe to its electric blue suede or its elegant look or its ohhh soooo comfortable padded sole! What not to love about it?! For HKD699.00 a pair its a "no brainer" I gotta have it! :-D

Happy Tuesday everyone!



  1. im not the biggest fan of blue pero gusto ko ang pag blue nito..may gento ka ng shoes halos parehas e..diba..

    1. Hahaha! Meron nga! Mana lang ako sayo :P


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