Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shopaholic Bastard #1: ASOS Belts

Aside of it being unconventional, I love the "sailor-ish" vibe.
Belts are one of the most often neglected piece of accessories by guys. Beside serving its functional purpose of holding your trouser in place and preventing you from exposing yourselves *falling trousers LOL* belts also helps to injects fun in your over all look. And no, not all belts are created equally, thus it don't work the same way and it doesn't fit all looks. So, forget those black formal belts *those are for formal occasion only* and try to inject fun and personality in your wardrobe by using belts.

This summer, I am feeling all sailing navy vibe and I am so lucky to have these very unique, unconventional and "sailor-ish" vibes  belts from  ASOS . So without further ado... here's the four  ASOS  Belts that I have acquired this summer:

Most of these belts are already sold out, so you better hurry and act now.



  1. gusto ko yung anchor..lam mo naman fave ko ang one piece at pangarap kong maging pirata nung 2nd year college ako..wahahahah!


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