Friday, July 27, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela with H&M

Ok... I know this blog post is kinda late, its been over a month since H&M announces their newest collaboration project with Parisian fashion house Maison Martin Margiela.

Are you excited about this collaboration? Coz I know I am!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I know my rottweiler "Tiny" is far different from the dog print depicted on this clutch but this remind me of her
and I MISS HER SO MUCH. *she died a couple months ago because of Cancer*
You probably knew by now, that I am totally and absolutely obsessed with Riccardo Tisci's the creative director of GIVENVHY. And who wouldn't be? Just look on his work for GIVENCHY is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and the same time its has that "spunk" or "edgy" look on each his creations. I just absolutely I adore his work. It's a work of art.

For GIVENCHY 2012 Fall collection, I am super drooling on this GIVENCHY LARGE ROTTWEILER PRINT PVC CLUTCH <3 Riccardo Tisci once again adopted one of his another famous and sought after print the "ROTTWEILER" *from hell LOL*. My only concern for this clutch is its made of PVC. I am huge leather bag person and canvass is my second choice. I tend to stay away from PVC because it don't usually aged well but in the same time it is very LOW MAINTENANCE material, practically water proof and given the fact it was made by GIVENCHY and retail for about EUR 214.92 I only expect high premium quality for this clutch.

Measured 23cm x 34.5cm hence the word  LARGE duh *hahaha* and it's now ready for pre-order at LUISA VIA ROMA and be expected to be shipped not longer than September 30. I want to think about it first since I'm still lusting for the Pierre Hardy Cube Print Pouch at Lane Crawford that is now on 49% SALE.

Think. Think. Think.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


When I was younger, Christmas is my most favorite season but now that I am "less" younger *in denial alert LOL* my most favorite season is SALE SEASON!!!

SALE SEASON is like X'mas for but MUCH BETTER and it comes twice a year. And unlike X'mas of me ending up with useless and unwanted gifts, SALE  SEASON gives me the opportunity to get myself something I love and I really want. *LOL I am such a ungrateful bastard* Speaking of SALE SEASON... ASOS is having an epic #ASOSsale with up to crazy 70% off on their selected item and for limited time only. And let's not forget that ASOS  is have a FREE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY without minimum purchase required.

So without further delay, I give to you my TOP 5 #ASOSsale Picks:

(1) Zatchels Leather Barrel Bag: HKD 414.29 - you've probably guessed my first pick would be a BAG. Made of 100% leather, small but very practical. I can fit in my Ray-Ban, small wallet and mobile *my essential*. Got this!

(2) Mango Gemma Belt: was HKD 460.32 now HKD 243.31- very biker chic. Do I need to say more? I absolutely love its black metal color. Futuristic bad ass unique metal belt is always must-have on my list. Got this!

(3) Ringspun T-Shirt Bombshell Pin-Up Girl: was HKD 394.56 now HKD 144.67 -GIVENCHY-ish don't you agree? Let's face it not everyone can afford GIVENCHY Pin-Up T-Shirt and this Ringspun T-Shirt is a can be a very good alternative for that. "A LOOK FOR LESS" without robbing a bank.

(4) ASOS Sweatshirt with Aztec Panel Shoulder: was HKD 328.80 now HKD 157.82 - Aztec print is one of the most powerful print of 2012 and I do believe we can see more it in couple season more.

(5) ASOS Monk Strap Cut-out Shoes: was HKD 723.36 now HKD 355.10 - my shopping experience wouldn't be complete without SHOES. Got this!

Images: ASOS
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