Sunday, November 23, 2014

Skirt or Pants?

On me: Hat by ZARA, Cropped Sweater by DIY by ME, T-shirt by GIVENCHY, Pants by S For, Legging by H&M & Shoes by GIACOMORELLI

This Sunday, I decided to wear my "S for" Cris pants and the whole day all the people who take notice of my  pants asked me "Are you wearing a skirt?" that I laugh-ly reply "No... It is a pants and not a skirt." Not that there is something wrong on wearing skirt. Personally, I would love to wear a kilt or skirt one day. I really don't care if I hear some people whispering "What is he wearing?" or secretly laughing behind my back maybe because I finally found my own voice, style and confidence. I'm actually glad I wore this pants because I learn a lot about my own confidence and definitely I would love to wear this pants again and again.

On me: Hat by ZARA, Cropped Sweater by DIY by ME, T-shirt by GIVENCHY, Pants by S For, Legging by H&M & Shoes by GIACOMORELLI

If you are interested with the "S for" brand you can reach him on his Instagram account. They do ship internationally and accept PAYPAL definitely his stuff worth checking out.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Shoeholic Bastard #003: Giacomorelli Studded Jacquard Loafers.

My mother would probably going to kill me when she found out about my latest shoes acquisition. It hasn't arrived yet but I am both excited and frighten at same time. Excited for the shoes and not so much from what my mother going to say. I guess my love for shoes is greater than my fear of my Mother scolding me *LOL*

Like what the title of this post suggested, I've got a GIACOMORELLI studded jacquard print loafers. I'm not really sure what season this one from but I am guessing somewhere SS2012 or SS2013. GIACOMORELI is one of my favorite and this my 3rd pair of his loafer my 1st is black leather sneakers with silver studs and the 2nd one is black leather loafers with gold studs. I really love wearing them, the studs give my outfit an extra boost of attitude.
Giacomorelli Studded Jacquard Loafers: Original price USD291 after discount USD146.
After using LOVE10 the price comes down to USD131.40 + free shipping.

Got this from YOOX and I think it have like 48% discount but since I use a promotional code LOVE10 upon check out I scored additional 10% + free shipping. Sweet deal huh? You can use the LOVE10 code on all of the items of YOOX. If you want to get these babies you need to hurry before it run out.

It also comes in blue jacquard print
Shop here.
and Tweed prints.
Shop Here
Shop here
pick your poison boys.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Black & Silver

On me: Hat by ZARA; Sunglasses by Ray-Ban; Shirt & Coat Hoodie by S For (Skyman); Bag by ASOS; Jeans by Uniqlo; Shoes by ASOS; Accesories & Jewelries by IMONO, Ulysses King and Hermes

Me trying on the Andrew Pants by S for

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