Thursday, December 5, 2013

Shopaholic Bastard #007: Voyage d' Hermès

Yey!!! I just bought my very first bottle of Hermès perfume!!! *giddy* I have been coveting this bottle of Voyage d' Hermès Parfum for quite sometime already but because of my recent financial setback I was forced to postpone this luxurious cravings. Now thankfully that phase is starting to fade out and I can finally obtain my "Obsession Du Juor". Woohoo!!

I use the view of Happy Valley, Hong Kong as a backdrop. You can even see the Horse Race Track of Hong Kong Jockey Club. 
Though, I've got this at Lane Crawford and not at the actual Hermès boutique, I am very pleased with the extra loot I've got from them *cheapo alert LOL*. A bottle 100ml of Voyage d' Hermès retail for about HKD 1065.00. Retailer like Lane Crawford and Hermès boutique has same and standard price on any Hermès perfume or scents. The only advantage of buying Hermès scents at department store is the promotional freebies you'll get. In my case, I'm able to sweet-talk my S.A. of giving me one bottle each of 5ml of "Voyage d' Hermès Parfum" and "Voyage d' Hermès eau de toilette" and two small vial of 2ml parfum. A total of 14ml of scents for FREE!

I'm not an expert on perfume per se but I am enthusiast of perfumes. The Voyage d' Hermes in my opinion has a sweet woody scent that is almost romantic and definitely luxurious aroma. Beside of its scent, I just adore its unique "rotating barrel" design and its refillable. A 120ml bottle refill of Voyage d' Hermes is retail for HKD 1035.00. This is one of my top scent on my collection. I highly recommend this perfume to anyone who's looking for a new scent.

Here's a clip of Voyage d' Hermès ad:

Images: Hermès, google
Video: Hermès Youtube Channel

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Materialistic Bastard #005: Agnes B. "My Bag" in Lambskin

This bag would be a perfect birthday gift for me this year. *wink wink* LOL
Last Sunday, me and my mother went to Causeway Bay, Times Square to look for a birthday gift for my father. We want to give him a wallet since we saw him checking out some leather wallet the other day. We went through one store to another on search for that special gift and Agnes B is our last destination. Though we didn't find a wallet that my father would like, I ended finding a new bag to be obsessed with.

Its the Agnes B. "My Bag" in lambskin. To be honest, I am not fan of Agnes B. but after seeing this bag in the corner of my eyes in an instant I became a fan. Constructed in soft supple lambskin and nylon handles and it also comes with a ever so useful detachable nylon shoulder sling for that handsfree action. The bag is very light weight and very spacious, very ideal for a day bag for men. It does come in different sizes but I love to have the smallest size which retail for HK$4390. And if that price tag is too stiff for you you can always get the classic "My Bag" in full nylon for HK$1695 and it comes in two colors black and red.

Agnes B. "My Bag" just bump itself in my top list of drool worthy bags for men.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shopaholic Bastard #005: FW2012 END OF SEASON SALE

Hear ye!!! Hear ye!!! Shoppers, Buyers and a-like lend me your ears and your wallets for END OF SEASON SALE is upon us!!! Wooohoo!!!

I guess I am shopping with a theme today without knowing it.
It actually started few weeks back but I was holding back my urge to buy anything. And today is the day that that I gave in to that urge. I was able get hold on to ZARA Camouflage Sweater, Polo Shirt by DKNY Jeans and Hush Puppies Chunky Sole Tasseled Leather Loafers. I know its not a big SALE HAUL but I am very proud of things I got. Most of the item I hauled I got it at 50% off *another WOOOHOO moment for me*.

As you know guys I am obsessed with anything camouflage print that's why I can not miss  the chance to get this ZARA Star Studded Sweater.
So how about you? What did you get on this FW2012 END OF SEASON SALE? I want to know :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013


This DIY project is inspired from Dolce & Gabbana FW2012 Menswear Collection. I know I can't afford to buy the real thing so the best next thing to do is to be creative <3

Hat by KENZO x NEW ERA, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, Trench Coat by MARNI for H&M, Shirt & Cropped Pants by H&M, Shoes by DE NOVO MEN, Bag by CANON FREEBIES
I bought the wool sweater from H&M and got some metallic gold thread. I must admit, this project ain't no joke. I've spent hours and weeks (not to mention the countless needle accidents LOL) just to finished this project. But all those hard work is worth because I am really proud my work. Its not a Dolce & Gabbana masterpiece but its a piece I call my very own <3

My inspiration Dolce & Gabbana FW2012 MENSWEAR Collection
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