Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Materialistic Bastard #03: Givenchy Bird of Paradise

After I've got my Givenchy Censored Pin-Up Scarves, my craving for more Givenchy shifted into over drive. I want more GIVENCHY! And for this time I am craving for another highly coveted Givenchy SS2012 collection print the BIRD OF PARADISE.

I am drooling for the Givenchy's Bird of Paradise prints ever since they have launch it from their Spring Summer 2012 collection. To be specific, I am talking about the Givenchy Bird of Paradise Cotton Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt which is available at MRPORTER with a whopping price tag of GBP 358.33. I know I want it but I am not out of my mind to slave myself on saving up just for a T-Shirt. With a price tag like that its clear I can't afford it. *Boohoo*

Luckily for us mere mortal, LUISA VIA ROMA released an exclusive Givenchy Bird of Paradise Printed Cotton Bandana without the hefty price tag! It comes in two different color *ivory/black and green* measured 70cm by 70cm and made of 100% Cotton which also explain the EUR 65.61 price tag. Its a bargain if you ask me. But, if you feel like spending little bit more than that then maybe the Givenchy Bird of Paradise Silk Crepe Scarf is the one for you. Slightly bigger than the cotton bandana 90cm by 90cm to be precised and made of 100% silk. All scarfs are available for pre-order at LUISA VIA ROMA and will be shipped not later than August 31. So what scarf are you, the fancy one or the low key one *wink wink*

Happy Wednesday!!!

Images: MrPorter, LUISA VIA ROMA, style.com 


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