Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jade Shop-a-Lot

Few of my favorite things *a.k.a. brands* LOL :-D

Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog "Jade Shop-a-Lot" :-D

As the title of blog say my name is Jade  *HELLO* and I shop a lot *yikes*

Well not really as in like "shop" "shop" its more like "shop" "window shopping" *LOL*. I am just your typical fashion wannabe guy with way too many shopping "Wish List". I am not a fashion expert or fashionista or even a writer and I don't have luxurious branded item in my closets *I only wish for those things. LOL* like most fashion blogger out there, all I can promise to you guys is my honest opinion of things I like. This blog will served as my catalog of many "Shopping Conquest", "Shopping Wish List" and so much more.

And please don't be a stranger, I want to know your opinion too just leave me a comment or suggestion anytime.

I'll be posting my very first "Jade's Shoes" anytime soon. Till next time guys. Happy Sunday everyone. <3


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