Thursday, November 8, 2012

Shopaholic Bastrad #004: Andrea Pompilio Chimpanzee Print T-Shirt

I love how they style the whole collection is was so desirable.

If you are following me on twitter or Instagram you'll probably know that I can't stop raving about Andrea Pompilio. Even Tim Blanks of and 'The Sartorialist' gave Andrea Pompilio such good review and describe him as "one to watch on menswear scene". But before of all this, he first hone his talent with big fashion houses like Calvin Klein, Prada and YSL. No wonder why his collections is one of the coveted pieces of this season.

This is the exact photo MyMANyBag posted on his Instagram.

But in the bright I got this Andrea Pompilio Chimpanzee Print Tee.
I've first discovered Andrea Pompilio from MyMANyBags' Instagram post of chimpanzee print canvass tote bag *w/c is very in-trend for this season*. I have searched high and low for this tote bag but NADA I can't find it. So I decided to put this bag on my wishlist together with another Andrea Pompilio Chimpanzee print tee *also available at* and few more thingsI like to have. About a week ago, I paid I.T at Hysan Ave. Hong Kong a visit for windoharmless w shopping. As I was pulling out clothes on the rack I saw an Andrea Pompilio Chimpanzee T-shirt! And my luck hasn't stop from there I also found out that its the only piece left, its in my size and its on 50% off discount for that day only!! *BAM* It was like meant to be. I didn't hesitate to march my way to cashier and went home as a happy shopper.

That's one item crossed out on my shopping wishlist. I wonder what is next on my shopping wishlist that I'll be crossing out soon... I can't wait!!!

Images:, Andrea Pompilio Ad Campaign

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Unlock Me!

Unlock this and get the chance to win a look from #MargielwithHM collection.

Good luck!


This past few months, I found myself shopping or DIY-ing on anything with stars. As in anything stars like studs, saw-in, print and patches. It's not like, I am obsess with star but because of I am so inspired of how Riccardo Tisci uses star on his recent work for GIVENCHY.

Perhaps this also the reason why I got so excited to see this awesome HUGE patch of star on the chest from SELF at ASOS's Last Chance Sale.

Images: ASOS

DIY #002: Cropped Sweatshirt with emblishment

GIVENCHY for Lane Crawford Vest Shirt and DIY H&M Shirt with Black Star Patches on collar.

GIVENCHY Cropped Sweatshirt

Last month, I have blogged about my latest DIY Inspiration and today I am finally ready to show you guys my version of the GIVENCHY Cropped Sweatshirt. I decided to do this DIY project because of I don't want to wear my GIVENCHY for Lane Crawford FNO vest shirt sleeveless but still I want to showcase it's awesome print. Before we start, I'd like to thanks my thank Mom for helping me out on this project.

You'll need:
  • Sweatshirt
  • Embellishment (mine are STAR PATCH and STAR STUD)
  • Scissor
  • Curve Ruler *optional*
  • Pin, Needle and Thread
  • Sewing Machine *optional*
  • Seamstress' Chalk

  1. Lay flat the sweatshirt on its side as possible making it side seams on the top of your work table.
  2. Start cutting the front and then back of the sweatshirt depending how low or high your desire cropped design REMEMBER to give enough space for the seam allowance and error.
  3. Fold and pin the edge of you sweatshirt this will served as your hem.
  4. Using the appropriate sewing machine start stitching the hem of you sweatshirt. In my case, I brought my sweatshirt to a professional seamstress. *Yes! I cheated a little LOL*
  5. Lay flat your desired embellishment on your now cropped sweatshirt and secure each.

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