Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shopaholic Bastard #005: FW2012 END OF SEASON SALE

Hear ye!!! Hear ye!!! Shoppers, Buyers and a-like lend me your ears and your wallets for END OF SEASON SALE is upon us!!! Wooohoo!!!

I guess I am shopping with a theme today without knowing it.
It actually started few weeks back but I was holding back my urge to buy anything. And today is the day that that I gave in to that urge. I was able get hold on to ZARA Camouflage Sweater, Polo Shirt by DKNY Jeans and Hush Puppies Chunky Sole Tasseled Leather Loafers. I know its not a big SALE HAUL but I am very proud of things I got. Most of the item I hauled I got it at 50% off *another WOOOHOO moment for me*.

As you know guys I am obsessed with anything camouflage print that's why I can not miss  the chance to get this ZARA Star Studded Sweater.
So how about you? What did you get on this FW2012 END OF SEASON SALE? I want to know :)

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