Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Shoes Review: GUCINARI Arturo Black Buckle Heel Boots

I don't consider myself as a "Shoes whore" but I should better rethink that because as of now my shoes collection are definitely out number my bag collection. LOL
My small shoes collection.

You be probably knew about this shoes if you are following me on instagram or twitter or if we are FB friends because have post a photo of it few months back.

GUCINARI Arturo Black Buckle Heel Boots

It's my GUCINARI Arturo Black Buckle Heel Boots that I got on SALE few months ago at I.T. Ok for those who are not familiar with I.T. they are like a luxury department store that caters for new designer and high end designer shoes, accessories, clothing and etc. Its like a one stop shop for shopaholic LOL. So let's get on the review.

I've only worn these babies last Sunday at the party of my parent's tennis group. At first, I was a bit scared on wearing them because though I love shoes I hate break in it but in my surprise this puppies did not hurt me at all. I wore it from 10am till 12am and my feet doesn't feel a single pain despite of them being new and having a Cuban heel. They are outrageously super comfortable boots to wear.

I don't know if I.T. still carry GUCINARI on their floor but I found that they have an e-store and feel check them out. I highly recommend this boots they are great staple piece on anyones wardrobe.

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